PhD, Environmental Science   |   University of Oxford

deserts. climate change. africa.

Masters, Polar Studies   |   University of Cambridge

glaciers. ice sheets. greenland.

BA, Geography   |   University of Oxford

landscapes. inequality. development.


Postdoctoral Research Fellow  |   University of British Columbia

cities. data science. epidemiology.

Visiting Scholar, Artificial Intelligence   |   University of Southern California

machine learning. social networks. conservation.

 Analyst   |   BC Council for International Cooperation 

sustainable development goals. policy. youth.

Postgraduate Fellow   |   Parliamentary Office for Science & Technology

communication. politics. water reform.

College Lecturer and Tutor   |  University of Oxford

teaching. mentoring. learning.



Tour Manager and Trainer  |   American Institute for Foreign Study

educating. travelling. laughing.

Consultancy Intern  |   Sancroft International

sustainability. ethics. business.

Research Intern  |   Channel 4, BBC

documentaries. interviewing. fixing. 


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