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I have a diverse research portfolio that bridges the computational, environmental and social sciences, and also includes applied policy work. Hover and click on the images to get a flavour of some of the studies I've been a part of.

See below for a full list of my peer-reviewed publications, or check out Google Scholar.

cities & people

Liezenga, A.M., Verma, T., Mayaud, J.R., Aydin, N.Y., van Wee, B. (2024). The first mile towards access equity: Is on-demand microtransit a valuable addition to the transportation mix in suburban communities? Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Sternberg, T., Mayaud, J.R. & Ahearn, A. (2022). Herd it in the Gobi: Deserting pastoralism? Land

Mayaud, J.R., Ward, F. & Andrews, J. (2021). Microtransit has the potential to flip transit on its head. Transportation Research Record

Lumnitz, S., Devisscher, T., Mayaud, J.R., Radic, V., Coops, N. C., Griesse, V. C. (2021). Mapping trees along urban street networks with deep learning and street-level imagery. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Richards, J., Bailey, R., Mayaud, J.R., Viles, H. A., Guo, Q. & Wang, X. (2020). Deterioration risk of dryland earthen heritage sites facing future climatic uncertainty. Scientific Reports

Young, L., Mayaud, J.R., Suen, S., Tambe, M. & Rice, E. (2020). Modeling the dynamism of HIV information diffusion in multiplex networks of homeless youth.​ Social Networks

Richards, J., Mayaud, J.R., Zhan, H., Wu, F. , Bailey, R. & Viles, H. (2020). Modelling the risk of deterioration at earthen heritage sites in drylands.Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

Mayaud, J.R. and Nuttall, R. (2019). A job, indeed! Accessibility equity to advertised employment in Cascadia. Transport Findings

Mayaud, J.R., Tran, M. and Nuttall, R. (2019). An urban data framework for assessing equity in cities: Comparing accessibility to healthcare facilities in Cascadia. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems

Mayaud, J. R., Anderson, S., Tran, M. & Radic, V. (2019). Insights from self-organizing maps for predicting accessibility demand for healthcare infrastructure. Urban Science

Frank, L., Mayaud, J. R., Hong, A., Fisher, P. & Kershaw, S.  (2019) Unmet demand for walkable transit-oriented neighborhoods in a mid-sized Canadian community: Market and planning implications. Journal of Planning Education and Research


Lopez-Behar, D., Tran, M., Mayaud, J.R., Froese, T., Herrera and O., Merida, W. (2018). Putting electric vehicles on the map: A policy agenda for residential charging infrastructure in Canada. Energy Research and Social Science

Lopez-Behar, D., Tran, M., Froese, T., Mayaud, J. R., Herrera, O. & Merida, W. (2018). Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings: Mapping feedbacks and policy recommendations. Energy Policy

Mayaud, J.R., Tran, M., Pereira, R.H.M. and Nuttall, R. (2018). Future access to essential services in a growing smart city: The case of Surrey, British Columbia. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems

nature & landscapes

Viles, H.A., Messenzehl, K., Mayaud, J.R., Coombes, M. A. and Bourke, M. C. (2018). Stress histories control rock breakdown trajectories in arid environments. Geology


Mayaud, J.R. and Webb, N.P. (2017) Vegetation in drylands: Effects on wind flow and aeolian sediment transportLand


Mayaud, J.R., Bailey, R.M. and Wiggs, G.F.S. (2017) A coupled vegetation/sediment-transport model for dryland environmentsJournal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface


Mayaud, J.R., Bailey, R.M. and Wiggs, G.F.S. (2017) Modelled responses of the Kalahari Desert to 21st century climate and land use changeScientific Reports


Mayaud, J.R., Bailey, R.M., Wiggs, G.F.S. and Weaver, C.M. (2017) Modelling aeolian sand transport using a dynamic mass balancing approachGeomorphology


Mayaud, J.R., Wiggs, G.F.S. and Bailey, R. (2017) A field-based parameterisation of wind flow recovery in the lee of dryland plantsEarth Surface Processes and Landforms


Mayaud, J. R., Wiggs, G.F.S. and Bailey, R. (2016) Characterising turbulent wind flow around dryland vegetationEarth Surface Processes and Landforms


Mayaud, J.R., Wiggs, G.F.S. and Bailey, R. (2016) Dynamics of skimming flow in the wake of a vegetation patchAeolian Research


Wilhelm, K., Viles, H., Burke, O. and Mayaud, J.R. (2016) Surface hardness as a proxy for weathering behaviour of limestone heritage: a case study on dated headstones on the Isle of Portland, UKEnvironmental Earth Sciences


Mayaud, J.R., Banwell, A.F., Arnold, N.S. and Willis, I.C. (2014) Modeling the response of subglacial drainage at Paakitsoq, West Greenland, to 21st century climate changeJournal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface


Mayaud, J.R., Viles, H.A. and Coombes, M.A. (2014) Exploring the influence of biofilm on short-term expansion and contraction of supratidal rock: an example from the MediterraneanEarth Surface Processes and Landforms

government & consultancy

Mayaud, J. R. & Wentworth, J. (2017). Reform of Freshwater Abstraction. POSTnote, 546, Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology.

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