nature, cities, people

Hi! I'm currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Urban Predictive Analytics Lab, based at the University of British Columbia.

A common thread throughout my research is a fascination with complex systems. In the past I've studied how rock breaks down on coastlines and on Mars, how water flows beneath ice sheets and how dunes move through deserts.  

Recently, I've turned my attention to cities and the people living in them. I ask questions such as, 'how is a city hardwired to be unequal? Who loses out in healthcare or education access? How does information spread through homeless networks?' The tools I use to tackle these problems include statistics, numerical modelling, geospatial analysis and machine learning

Apart from being a data nerd, I'm very interested in the ways research can be communicated to policymakers, decision-makers and the general public. My efforts range from tweeting and blogging on Medium, to writing briefings for parliamentarians and helping to produce broadcast documentaries

Jerome Mayaud

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